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left me down home in memphis…

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Britney Spears promoting “The Intimate Britney Spears” Collection.

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justney2014 asked: You think britney wishes her and justin would have had a baby?

Of course, she wanted a life with him…. she imagined a life with him… family and all 

justney2014 asked: How do you think 2007 with the breakdown and stuff would have went about if it was Justin with her instead of kevin?

As Bob Marley said: “What it has to be… I t has to be” I think she needed that breakdown to be the Britney she is today. I don’t see her breakdown as a bad thing. I see it as a good one because mistakes makes you stronger and she proves she is a strong woman and I am proud of her

justney2014 asked: Ik I understand college is killing me I haven't had any time to write hardly either, hope it's up soon.

I updated like a week ago :) will update soon too.