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Anonymous asked: Do you think Justin will have kids with jessica?

eventually  yes. There is nothing that stops them to doing that.

Anonymous asked: Are your fan fics done, I really wanna read them I'm in love with them!

I’m finishing writing; I wanna try to upload them tonight

justney2014 asked: Are you updating soon ? Please say yes

yes I will. 


Britney Spears Discography;

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justney2014 asked: you think britneys heart will officially break if justin finally has a kid with jessica and its a little girl?

I think it would hurt her a lot because is Justin you know, but I think she would be happy for him because she knows the blessing  that is having a child 

P.S: At the end of the day she would always dream to be His Baby’s momma

justney2014 asked: What do you think justin would say to wade if he saw him today?

I think he just would try to ignore him or just be polite but he definitely woulb be serious or even mad

Anonymous asked: I Loved Your Recent Justney Chapter It was Cute


thank you im gonna upload two new ones soon!

That’s such a good news. Love new chapters :D


my superheroes ❤️

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Britney and Christina First albums videos. 

P.S: I miss one video of each albums, I know but I only have 10 pictures. So Born to make you happy and Reflection are not here.

Anonymous asked: Is there any chance that Jayden James could be Justin's in your opinion?

No; but I would love that. Don’t you?